Senior Does

All American 3yr. Old - 2000; All American 4yr. Old - 2001
All American 5-6yr. Old - 2002; Supreme Champion 2002 CA State Fair;
BUIS 2002 & 2003 CA State Fair; Grand Champion 2001, 2002 & 2004 CA
State Fair; Best Alpine Udder 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004 CA State Fair


DOB:  4/97
2-02 EX90 (EEEE)   3-02 EX91 (EEEE)  4-04 EX90 (VVEE)   6-02 EX92 (EEEE)   7-02 EX92 (EEEE)   8-05 EX93 (EEEE)
Production:     5-00  236 2710 81 68     5-11 206 2650 3.2 84 2.7 71
Show: 1997-2001:  1XBDIS, 3XBUIS, 7XBOB, 7XGCH, 6XBAU, 2XRGCH
          2002:  1XBDIS, 1XGCH, 1XRGCH, 1X1ST, 1X1ST U, 2X2ND U (Shown 3 Times)
          2003:  3XBDIS, 1XBUIS, 2XBOB, 1XBUOB, 1XRGCH
                    (2XBDIS at REDGA, 1XBDIS at Mendocino County Fair)
          2004:  1XGCH, 1XBest Alpine Udder
          2005:  (Shown Dry) 1x3rd
          2006:  (Shown Dry) 1x2nd

Highlights:  2004 CA State Fair: GCH & BAU; 2003 CA State Fair: BUIS, RGCH; 2002 ADGA National Show 2nd w/2nd U 5-6yr olds; 2002 CA State Fair: SUPREME CHAMPION, GCH, Best Alpine Udder; 2001 CA State Fair: GCH & BAU; 2000 CA State Fair: BUIS, RGCH

     After nearly 10 years it still remains a pleasure to look out and see such a remarkable doe. Silver Charm stands and travels uphill and has a natural grace and style that is eye catching. Her mammary system remains an excellent combination of beauty and function. She has a very long fore udder and a high wide arching rear. She excels in strength over the top, levelness in the rump and overall strength of bone. She is still our most balanced and stylish doe in the herd. Charm appraised EX93 at 8 years and 5 months!!

     Silver Charm has continually proven herself to be a great brood doe, her daughters are as follows; GCH Poppy EX92, GCH Ramblin Rose EX90 (owned by Moore’s Meadows) CH Funny Cide EX92, Sterling Silver EX91, Silver Bird VG86 (owned by Vacharie), as well as Tallulah VG89 (first freshener), Smarty Jones VG89 (first freshener), Behave Yourself Ec, and Giacomo VG87 (first freshener owned by Kayla Withrow).

     Charm  did not attend the 2005 Nationals, but her offspring had an excellent showing; CH Funny Cide was 1st 1st U 2 year old, Sterling Silver was the 7th 2 Year old and GCH Poppy was the 5th 4 year old. Charm also had the 4th Produce of Dam. GCH Poppy and CH Funny Cide were 1st at the ‘04 CA State Fair in the Produce of Dam class and GCH Poppy and Sterling Silver were 1st in 2005. Additionally, Charm and GCH Poppy won the Dam & Daughter class in ’04.

     Charm was also the dam of our 2006 Spotlight Sale Consignment, Sweet Dreams Nixon's Affirmed - purchased by Redwood Hill Farm for $4700.

     If you are looking for consistency in mammary systems and structural correctness, a Charm relative may be what you need.

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Bucks & Does: Private Treaty



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