Anthony proudly showing Barbaro - 2011 CA State Fair

     Thank you for your interest in our Alpine herd, we have been raising goats since 1978 and our goal has always been to breed a herd of stylish animals that are consistent in type - stressing structural correctness, style and overall balance.  

     Our herd now consists of 11 mature does (5 GCH), 6 dry yearlings, 2 kids and 2 bucks.  We expect our does to stand up under the stress of a busy show season, while maintaining a high level lactation. 

     During the 2007 show season our animals earned: 1-BDIS, 6-BOB, 8-GCH and 3-RGCH. 

     We were pleased with how well our does did this show season and equally as pleased when - GCH +*B Clovertop's Snapple EX93, the 2005 ADGA National Show PREMIER SIRE, was for a record fifth time named the Premier Sire at the California State Fair.

     We took a year off from appraisal, but plan to be appraised again in 2008. In the fall of 2006 our herd was linear appraised and our herd average for 13 mature animals was EX91.3. The highest appraising animals are: GCH Snapple EX93, SGCH Silver Charm EX93, SGCH Natalie EX92, SGCH Poppy EX92, and CH Funny Cide EX92. All of our mature appraised does have an E in mammary system.

     We also have a number of animals that have qualified for the ADGA Superior Genetics program and the following is a list of the Sweet Dreams animals that qualified and their earned designations:

                    SGCH Sweet-Dreams SB Silver Charm EX93
                    SGCH Sweet-Dreams S Natalie EX92
                    SGCH Sweet-Dreams Royal Poppy A.I. EX92
                    SG Sweet-Dreams Monarchos A.I.
                    SGCH Sweet-Dreams A Lil E'Tee
                    SG ++*B Sweet-Dreams Romancer
                    SG ++B Sweet-Dreams Merlin De Ville
                    SG Sweet-Dreams Casual Ennocence
                    SG Sweet Dreams Original Sin
                    SG Sweet Dreams CR Xena
                    SGCH Sweet Dreams GF Justine
                    SG Sweet Dreams Nightbird
                    SG ++B Chateau de Ville's Gyrfalcon
                    SG Sweet Dreams Golden Boy

     Although the majority of the 2008 kid crop will be available, we do not necessarily offer every kid born for sale.  A deposit of $100.00 (please make checks out to Kristina Bozzo-Baldenegro) will hold the breeding of your choice.  Sales are on a first deposit received, first served basis.  If the kid of your choice is not born or is not offered for sale, your deposit would be refunded or transferred.  We also reserve the right to purchase 20 straws of semen for the cost of collection from any buck kid we sell. 

     We will again be dam raising all of the kids born in 2008. If you prefer that the kids are raised on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk, there will be an additional fee of $100. (Please let us know your preference when you send in the deposit.)  

     For those of you who prefer to buy milking stock, a limited number will be available in the spring.

     Please let us know and we can contact you in the spring and let you know what is available. Prices quoted are for kids up to 8 weeks of age with delivery to the Sacramento Airport.  Prices do not include health papers, shipping crate, or shipping costs.  We offer a 10% discount for youth (4-H/FFA members).  

     Feel free to phone or write if you have any questions about a particular animal or family. We can also be reached online at or

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