Senior Does


S:  ++*B Sweet Dreams Golden Boy
SS:  ++*B Chateau de Ville's Gyrfalcon
SD:  Chateau de Ville's Wild Thing 5*M
D:  GCH Hoach's SRS Lyric 4*M
DS:  ++*B Sand Dance HLS Rico Suave
DD:  GCH Hoach's QAAG Goldenlark 3*M     1994 ADGA Natl. Champion


DOB:  4/96
3-02 VG89 (VEVE)     4-02 VG88 (VVEV)     5-04 VG89 (VVVE)
Production:     6-01 113 750 24 22  projected 305 1620 52 47
Show: 1999-2001:  1XBDIS, 2XGCH, 1XBAU, 4XRGCH, 6X1ST U
           2002:  not shown

Highlights:  20th 3yr old 1999 Natls., 2nd w/1st U 2001 CA State Fair

     Longing at 6 years of age is a striking doe, resembling the Gyrfalcon relatives with the structural soundness of the Goldenboy offspring.  A very capacious doe in both mammary and body, she has a very large area of attachment with the purebred style seen in her relatives.  She is out of a very potent doe line with National show winners on both top and bottom of her pedigree.  Longing has only given us 2 doe kids, both remain in our herd and are extremely similar in type to Longing - combining strength, structural correctness and dairiness.  One of her sons, Lucas is working in the Chateau Briant herd and his first daughters have been very successful in tough East Coast competition.  Another son is working in the Cream of Kansas herd in the Midwest.  Longing was also a member of our 1st Dairy Herd at the 2001 CA State Fair.



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