Senior Does

Reserve Best Alpine Udder 2002 A.D.G.A. Nationals
All American 2yr Old - 2002


SS:  +*B Sweet Dreams Wildfire
SD:  Clovertop's Cherry Sorbet
DS:  ++*B Hoach's Encore Performance
DD:  GCH Sweet Dreams R. Romance 1*M  EX91


DOB:  4/00
1-03 V (+VV)     3-02 VG89 (VEVE)     4-02 EX91 (VEEE)      5-04 EX92 (EEEE)
Production:     1-11 254 2830 85 70     2-11 179 2440 3.0 74 2.3 57
Show: 2000-2001:  1XBDIS, 1XGCH, 2X1ST, 1X3RD
           2002:  1XBDIS, 2XBOB, 2XGCH, 2XRGCH, 1XRBU, 6X1ST, 2X1ST U, 2X2ND
           2003:  1X2ND w/ 1ST Udder at the California State Fair
           2004:  1X1ST w/ 2ND Udder (to Nissa) at the California State Fair
           2005:  1XBDIS, 1XBOB, 3X1ST, 1X1ST U, 1X2ND 2ND U (at the National Show)
           2006:  (shown dry) 1x2nd

Highlights:   1st w/1st U at 2002 ADGA Natls. & Reserve Best Udder 2002 ADGA Natl. Show; 2004 CA State Fair 1st 1st U, 2005 ADGA Natls. 2nd 2nd U 5-6 year old, member of the 1st Senior Get of Sire, 2nd Dairy Herd, 2nd Best 3 and 2nd Dam & Daughter, and 1st 1st U and member of 1st Senior Get of Sire at the 2005 CA State Fair.

     Natalie is an extremely sharp and stylish doe. Natalie excels in dairy character, length of body and mammary system. Her impressive mammary system is extremely high and wide in the rear udder, with a lengthy fore and a large area of overall attachment, her balance symmetry and quality in the mammary is near ideal. She is typical of the Snapple daughters, long, level, with extreme length over the top and her length and width of rump are near ideal. We are very proud of how well Natalie did at the National Show in Spokane-2nd 2nd U 5-6 Year old after only being fresh for 3 weeks. Natalie is proving to be an excellent brood doe, her daughters have freshened with beautiful mammary systems and they excel in structural correctness, Rhiannon appraised VG88 (E MS) and Shakira VG89 (VEVE as a 1st freshener).

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