Senior Does

Reserve Grand Champion 2006 California State Fair


S:  GCH ++*B Sodium Oaks Royal Risk  VG86
SS:  ++*B Sodium Oaks Classic Port Salut
SD:  GCH Sodium Oaks T.C. Peregrine 4*M  VG86
DS:  ++*B Sweet Dreams R Spectacular Bid
DD:  Sweet Dreams WF Foxglove  VG89


DOB:  3/01
Broken Chamoisee
0-03 V (VV+)     2-03 VG89 (VEVE)     3-03 EX91 (VEEE)     4-06 EX92 (EEEE)     5-06 EX92 (VEEE)
1-11 251 2590 3.0 77 2.9 76
2001:  1X2ND, 2X3RD
           2002:  1XBDIS, 1XGCH, 1X1ST, 14th Dry Yearling of 35 at ADGA Nationals
           2003:  2XBOB, 2XGCH, 2XRGCH, 2X1ST
           2004:  2XBOB, 1X2ND w/ 2ND Udder at California State Fair
           2005:  1ST 1ST U at California State Fair, 5TH 4 Year old at ADGA Nationals
           2006:  1X2ND, 1XRGCH at California State Fair
           2007:  1XBOB

Highlights:  1st 1st U at CA State Far & Member of 1st Produce of Dam & 2nd Dairy Herd; 5th 4 Year old & Member of 4th Produce and 2nd Dairy Herd at ADGA Nationals

     Poppy is a strong powerful doe, similar in type to her sire, Royal Risk. She definitely got her coloring from her sire, her attitude and personality from her dam. Poppy has one of the most correct mammaries in the herd-it is ideal in rear udder height, length and smoothness of fore udder and in placement of teats. She is also very upstanding and correct in front-end assembly and strength, length and levelness of topline. We were thrilled with her Reserve Grand Champion win at the 2006 California State Fair.

     Poppy’s first daughter, Shallot freshened with a beautiful mammary system and she now resides in the La Ferme du Bonheur herd in Missouri. We have one daughter currently retained in the herd, Vanilla Bean VG88 (VEEE). 

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